Front row tickets is the biggest rip off.Earlier today, I thought I was calling ticketmaster and found out after I placed my ticket order that I was talking to a ticket broker with exorbitant fees.

Do not use them! I went to ticketmaster.com to check the face value of the tickets that I purchased and discovered to my great surprise that the tickets were face valued at $28. Needless to say, I'm disputing the charge with my credit card company b/c they led me to believe that they were ticketmaster.

I don't khow how they can justify their business practices.

Monetary Loss: $130.


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Did you get your refund ? They did the same to me.


The same thing happened to me...exactly.I am disputing the charge with my credit card company since there are no refunds once you make the charge on your card.

I called back within one minute when I found out what a ripoff it was.

I'm very upset that they can get away with these practices.:(


Just called them and their message immediately and clearly states, "Thank you for calling FrontRowTickets.com."

Maybe listening isn't your best skill?


I just called them, and the first think the message says is, "Thank you for calling FrontRowTickets.com! How is that misleading?


I just called them and they never said any company name when they answered, they just said the employees name and I how can I help you? So, that is how they could make that mistake.

Also, when I googled ticketmaster to find there phone number, there number came up.

Have a little compassion!


I called them by mistake too and they picked up the phone "Frontrowtickets.com how can i help you". Dont know how you could make that mistake.


How could you not know you weren't talking to Ticketmaster? Quit trying to find a scapegoat or excuse for your mistake.

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